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Mini Sozo Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

I had a mini sozo (it took less than 15 minutes); but now I can find no remnant of the negative feeling I had and I can’t even conjure it up by thinking about it. It is utterly and completely gone. This is true freedom! I’m so grateful for SOZO. Please follow and like us:

June 2017 Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

This was my first sozo and I really didn’t know what to expect.  It was emotionally painful but much needed and definitely worth it!! This left me in a “better place” The team was very understanding and allowed me to take my time. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.  It was […]

Worship &Art Testimony “Hearing God”

by Lis Schmidt

“I was surprised at the encounter with God I had through the prophetic art event. I thought it would be hard and that I wouldn’t have any inspiration. It was just the opposite. There is no pressure to be creative. Holy spirit just breathed images and truth into my mind. In the end I felt […]

Worship & Art “Angelic Encounter”

by Lis Schmidt

This artist was listening to a teaching about “FIRE ANGELS” and when they come away from the throne their heads are are hidden in the clouds, and the colors continue to flow, they hide in the majesty of the Lord. Lightening and fire are all around the throne.  By Jana Harris Please follow and like us: