Addiction Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

This person had a nicotine addiction and wanted desperately to stop smoking: when asked, “Have you ever asked Jesus to sit with you when you smoke?”  No, – I usually tell Him to “go away.” . because I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing. . . .  and the light went on… they usually goes […]

2018 Sozo Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

January 2018 Sozo set me free in more ways than I could ever imagine! Working through the muck for the first two weeks was the hardest part, it seemed liked everything had gotten worse. And then I processed what had happened with some of my peers and it was this conviction to stand and fight […]

A Sneak Peak into our Ministry!

by Lis Schmidt

When it comes to Sozo sessions some can pay but some can’t. We don’t turn anyone away. We value what we pay for, so I’ve been known to tell people to give $1 simply to help them value what they are receiving from us. The most amazing donation I received was someone who put the […]

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