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Mini Sozo’s can be powerful

by Lis Schmidt

Ok let’s define a mini sozo. Using a sozo tool for an incident or immediate presentation of an issue. Perhaps while praying for someone in a prayer line or over coffee in a conversation that will not lead to a full sozo session. A full sozo session should be held only as a scheduled event. […]

Healed from Celiac thru Sozo

by Lis Schmidt

Talked with a client today who stated that 6 mos ago she had a sozo; when she came she was quite ill with severe stomach issues, inability to gain weight, kept losing weight due to celiac disease. Today she said she has only gained weight since than and has not had any stomach issues. She […]

Sozo Testimony of the Month – May

by Lis Schmidt

After having a sozo this testimony was written back to us: I now feel that a long standing issue that I has revisited me often is complete and no longer an issue that will revisit me. This is true Freedom. Please follow and like us:

Sozo is spreading in Kansas

by Lis Schmidt

I had the opportunity to help reawaken, revive, restart the Sozo team at this church last week and found this amazing testimony from their team.  Wanted to share it with you, sozo works ! We have another Basic Sozo Training coming up in June, 2018. Please follow and like us:

August 2017 Testimonies

by Lis Schmidt

I was told that this person had not slept without a light on for years.  After her sozo she was able to and wanted to sleep with the light off!!! No more darkness. Please follow and like us:

Mini Sozo Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

I had a mini sozo (it took less than 15 minutes); but now I can find no remnant of the negative feeling I had and I can’t even conjure it up by thinking about it. It is utterly and completely gone. This is true freedom! I’m so grateful for SOZO. Please follow and like us: