Testimony given 8/12/14 Sozo was 7/28/14
I want to give a big shout out to you, a big Praise the lord!!!XOXOXO to Him, to you and to ____
I realized today that in what I have had to face in the past couple of weeks I have no desire to go hide in my attic place or want to go pick up a cardboard box (symbol of my attic place) and go live with the homeless. I know that sounds funny but that is where I have been this past year and it has been strong, strong, strong. . . It is gone . . .yep G.O.N.E gone. I am so excited! Thank you

8/21/14 I received much truth in the session regarding my life and choices I made. God showed me how He views my life, and gave me clearer vision on my closeness and purpose He has for me. I am not “lost or stuck” and He is taking me somewhere.”

7/14/14 I am able to live much freer in my family relationships, especially with my children. It has been a gradual process but I no longer feel the “overwhelming need to control or impart “my ways” on them. It is very freeing to trust God instead of feel compelled to help them set things right.
8/21/14 (this person had had several car accidents)
When I got in the car to drive home I had none, zero, anxiety in heavy traffic no less. The first stop, I didn’t even think of looking in my rear view mirror and it didn’t bother me. Thank You, Jesus! All the way home in heavy traffic I wasn’t concerned at all.

8/13/14  One of the most healing things ever for me was when we asked forgiveness on behalf of my father, pastos and other men and told me what they had done was not right.  I have been hearing father God telling me some cool things about me and even believing them.

3/16/14 At last I have my breakthrough that is permanent and real. I can now
concentrate and express my full heart once again to God, it is absolutely
wonderful.  These words cannot express my deep appreciation and I will
continue to pray that God will look over you and bless you both to
accomplish  more breakthroughs for people who are stuck like I was.
Thanks to Jesus who made it all possible.

4/26/14  I had been choking from sinus drainage for the past 11 years. Mostly at night, while sleeping, I would awake completely out of breath, terrified, unable to breath for what would seem like minutes. Many times it would take so long to clear my throat that I eventually believed that this was probably how I would die. Strangely this choking began at the same time as my divorce. At first I had to stop sleeping on my back, choking every once in while per month, but eventually increased to a few times a week. Now it would happen while sleeping on my side and even during the day when awake. After seeing an E N T Dr. the tests showed that I had a slow esophagus, as I understood, this allowed the drainage into my breathing passage. The Dr. said at this point there was nothing he would do for the problem. At my Sozo I asked for a different issue to be dwelt with. When we were finished I was asked if there was anything else I wanted to deal with, so I briefly shared about the choking. We prayed through what the Lord gave us . As of April 26th 2014 I have not woke up choking.