Chaplain Karla Charboneau, M.A., B.C.P.C

is connecting with us in this ministry of healing the broken.

Karla is a master’s level Biblical counselor and a Board Certified Professional Counselor as well as a Chaplain.
Karla has been a counselor since 2005. She has been a Director of Counselors where she supervised other counselors and student counselors. Karla deals with all kinds of relational issues, and has worked with people from 3 to 85. She has been a wife to John Charboneau for the last 42 years and is a mother to 6 children.  Welcome her!  If you want to contact her personally email her at kscharboneau14@gmail.com to set up an apt.  Karla and I have worked together for several years in another ministry. I am excited to be able to work with her again. She is currently teaching a parenting class and a class at Word of Life Institute .