I wanted to pass on my testimony to you, and thank you at the same time for allowing God to use you in this ministry!!!

I came to the Sozo session because I had felt a block between myself and God. I described it as feeling dry. I sensed that God was wanting to spend some personal time with me, but I felt like I did not know how to approach Him. At the start of my session it became quite clear that I was believing that God was upset with me and choosing to distance Himself from me because of something I had done. I soon felt the love of God encourage me to look past this “truth” of mine, and I saw that God was loving, welcoming and actually inviting me back into relationship with Him! I was looking at my past and my failures or mistakes and seeing someone who did not measure up, but God revealed to me in the session that He only wanted to love me, and enjoy my company, and I had nothing to be ashamed of!!!

Sensing God in the session was so subtle and yet so real!!! There was no audible sounds, or electric currents going off in me, only peace and a knowing that I was loved and accepted just as I was. As my eyes were closed, God brought to me images that He knew were comforting to me, and the wall of lies I had placed between Him and me literally melted and no longer seemed significant to me!!!

After the session, in the weeks following, God kept reinforcing the truths He had brought out in my session in my bible study time with Him, in songs I would hear on the radio, in prayers…He was everywhere……as He always had been, but now, my eyes and heart were open to receiving His love and kindness!!

My life didn’t become “easier” as a result of my Sozo session, I still have to face what life has to offer, but I know now, that I can trust God to be there for me, that I am deserving of His time and love and mercy and forgiveness!!! I can trust Him, I can lean into Him as my Heavenly Father to listen and to care for me….I am not alone, I am made perfectly in His image, and that is good enough for me!!!

Thank you for allowing God to work through you!!!! It is a comfort knowing that God has placed such amazing gifts in us to share with one another!!!