mud-piesA writing by someone who has been healing through the Sozo process:

If I could count the stars and know you are worthy of the highest praise. If I could see the farthest galaxy and know that your love never ends. If I can see your goodness in every day life, to believe you work through brokenness and heal the shatteredness. You take the broken shards of glass, wipe off the dirt, and restore beauty for the ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. Your miracles in the human race merit all the highest praise. You take me in my imperfection and still see me in completion. You allow your Spirit to flow through me to touch another bleeding heart while I am aware how undone I’ve felt. Did I stumble? You call me to arise. Do I feel broken? You call me the apple of your eye. You look beyond what presents and see with eyes of the eternal. You know our names, our days, and our praise. As silver refined, as stained glass perfected, as the stony heart is removed and the heart of flesh is granted…great are you, Lord. Even in times when things seem awry, you bring them back to order. When pain sears, confusions clouds, relationships struggle–You are there. You receive the honors of our invitation when if feels like we offer mud pie parties or dinner with simple staples. You invite us to feast at the table of your bounty, taking off our rags, and clothing us a’plenty. Feasting in your presence, resting in your love, help me see you more clearly, know you more fully, as you are the God who meets humanity and your dusty feet show we do not walk down the desert path alone.