Early last January a young lady came for sozo ministry, she was at the end of her rope, a struggling drug addict and single mom. She pursued ministry off and on and I even sent her to the counselor on our team. She was a bit inconsistent but at the same time she found herself a mentor in her church.(meet with her weekly) All she knew was bartending but she knew she needed a different place of employment. She was offered an amazing job in an office this year. This had battles of it’s own just to get this job due to having a record. She continued to run for her life into God, (Psalm 16:1)joined a cell group and kept coming for Sozo’s as the Lord directed her. As part of her drug program she was expected to see a therapist thru them and she had been avoiding it. The Lord told her to just do it and get this requirement over with. So last week she saw that therapist, she witnessed to that therapist and shared her story of what God has done for her. That therapist came to church with her Sunday, she is not a believer but said, I have other friends who believe in the supernatural gifts of God and I just want to see what it’s like. We are all hungry for God and He is listening!