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Worship & Art Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

A mother who came to one of our events went home and decided to ask her children to express and emotion and ask God what it looked like.  Here are the results, they painted JOY! What a great way to talk with our children about their emotions and God’s emotions and how he feels about […]

Ablaze Conference 2017

by Lis Schmidt

The Conference was a blazing success. Thanks to all who came. If you would like to share these links with friends who were not able to attend that would be great. Davidic Worship & Activation ft. Linda Palmer 1. Angel Activation (Lord of Hosts) ft. Lis Schmidt 1. Provoked to Jealousy Part I ft Cynthia […]

INDIA December 2016 with Tell Asia and HIM

by Lis Schmidt

Our team was 15 people from all over the US and Canada.  I knew 3 of these prior to the trip all the others were first time acquaintances. We had a blast ministering to 1500 pastors, at 2 different times I spoke to a group, one of 150 women and another group of 70 pastors. […]