Our team was 15 people from all over the US and Canada.  I knew 3 of these prior to the trip all the others were first time acquaintances.
We had a blast ministering to 1500 pastors, at 2 different times I spoke to a group, one of 150 women and another group of 70 pastors. Using an interpreter was a novel experience for me.  One of the most interesting cultural experiences was an overnight train ride (7 hrs). I have decided the US does not know what a traffic jam is, I have a new appreciation for our roads and traffic regulations. I fell in love with the people, their zeal and love for the Lord was incredible, each testimony an amazing story of grace.
As we went to places and have pictures of people in persecuted areas where sharing the gospel is illegal, as is me teaching in the area, our visa was for tourism; so I am putting a You tube link to a protected video of the trip for you to view as I can not post it to Facebook.
Here is a video of the trip we