When it comes to Sozo sessions some can pay but some can’t. We don’t turn anyone away.
We value what we pay for, so I’ve been known to tell people to give $1 simply to help them value what they are receiving from us.
The most amazing donation I received was someone who put the small bills and coins they received as tips in a little gift bag and brought it to the session. They did not want to come empty-handed so they came with a beautiful little package for us. It counted out to be less than $5 but was a precious collection of valuable income from them to us. The fact that they wrapped it in a gift bag said even more about the thought of presenting it to us as a precious gift.
We receive much more than money when we receive a donation; it is a gift of trust and honor. We are thankful for every gift, knowing it is a valuable trust we have exchanged. One tangible example of this was a donation that came in the form of a bill folded into an origami shape and given to us along with a prophetic word.
Do you know what goes into a Sozo session?
Every Sozo session requires a minimum of 6 volunteer hours. Our heart is for equipping and training so we often have a new volunteer sitting in observing a session as well. They may be an aspiring team member or someone wanting to start a Sozo ministry of their own. Their participation adds to the volunteer hours since the training includes time to process with the team as to what went well, what could be better, what to do in the future, as well as answering questions that came up for our team members.
Sozo sessions minister to Trainees too.
This is how a session may go for a trainee: They join us for pre-session prayer preparing the atmosphere and our hearts to hear from God. During the session they pray for the client, listen intentionally the process in order to learn the Sozo tools, and write down thoughts, questions, or observations for us to discuss later. Sometimes during a session a team member might even receive their own healing, as what God is doing in the Sozo touches something in them. God is always looking for open hearts and minds to speak into and since our hearts are open during a session we have all experienced healing during someone else’s Sozo.
Everything we do is possible because of donations.
As a 501C3 we are donation driven. This means all we do is funded by donations from others. We do ministry for the purpose of connecting people to God and bringing freedom: strengthening their faith, hope, and ability to love and be loved. We attach a monetary amount to each session to help remind people of its value. The suggested donation for a session is $75, which means we may get anywhere from $0-100. In our communication with a client we ask the client to pray about the amount of their donation prior to coming for a Sozo. Some people are in a financial situation that makes them unable to pay, while others can and pay what they hear God tell them to. We do not do ministry according to who can pay or not. People pay for what they value, so having a suggested donation helps them remember that there is a value to this.
Giving someone a gift is a way to show them that we value them, so sometimes a friend or family member will pay for someone to receive a Sozo, or series of Sozo sessions.
One of our most memorable testimonies is a mother whose daughter was struggling with addiction. The daughter called her mom saying she wanted a way out, so her mother offered to pay for three Sozo sessions. That young women took her mom’s money and came in for sessions that changed her life: She is now chasing after God with all she has, got her first job outside of a bar, and is on her way to a freedom-filled life, all because she had someone who believed in her and invested in Sozo for her.
Will you help someone in need experience FREEDOM through a Sozo session?
In the first three quarters of this year we facilitated an average of ten Sozo sessions per month. This represents 60+ volunteer hours every month.
Any ministry needs a source of income to operate and our primary income source is the support of those who receive ministry. FREEDOM IS OUR PRODUCT. Encountering God is part of that.
Would you be willing to pay for someone to be set free? We often minister to single moms, people recovering from addictions, and those trying to get back on their feet after a crisis. These people rarely have the financial support to donate. We do not turn people away, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have costs associated with ministering to them.
If you want to help us continue to offer Sozo sessions to those who can’t pay for themselves, please considering giving $75 to provide a scholarship!
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