Ok let’s define a mini sozo. Using a sozo tool for an incident or immediate presentation of an issue. Perhaps while praying for someone in a prayer line or over coffee in a conversation that will not lead to a full sozo session. A full sozo session should be held only as a scheduled event. But using the sozo tools to pray for people as the spirit leads is doing a “mini-soho” and will last up to 10 minutes.
After discovering there would not be time to help this person with a full session I asked the HS what could be done with the person right now here in front of me. I was given 3 things to pray over and with this person, one of which was breaking soul ties. After which we went our separate ways. I got this testimony back several weeks later “Healing has happened. Thanks for your prayers.” God is not limited by time. Just obedience. These tools are powerful and they work!