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Testiomony – Free from Anxiety

by Lis Schmidt

April 2017 I came to a mini sozo session to find out more about sozo, as I asked questions and got answers that night I was able to leave without the anxiety I came in with.  I used to have a severe anxiety issue and since that time (6 months ago) I have only had […]

Sozo & Art Testimony “Hearing God”

by Lis Schmidt

“I was surprised at the encounter with God I had through the prophetic art event. I thought it would be hard and that I wouldn’t have any inspiration. It was just the opposite. There is no pressure to be creative. Holy spirit just breathed images and truth into my mind. In the end I felt […]

Another Sozo Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

January 2018 Sozo set me free in more ways than I could ever imagine! Working through the muck for the first two weeks was the hardest part, it seemed liked everything had gotten worse. And then I processed what had happened with some of my peers and it was this conviction to stand and fight […]