Building a powerful prosperous life

by Lis Schmidt

Finances are a daily necessity. Stephen has a new Prosperous Home Master Course to help put you I’m control of your finances. Learn how to build wealth, momentum and purpose in your finances. Stephen K DeSilva Ministries Looking for help locally we are part of the Stephen K DeSilva Financial Sozo Team to do Financial […]

Sozo & Art Testimony “Hearing God”

by Lis Schmidt

“I was surprised at the encounter with God I had through the prophetic art event. I thought it would be hard and that I wouldn’t have any inspiration. It was just the opposite. There is no pressure to be creative. Holy spirit just breathed images and truth into my mind. In the end I felt […]

Addiction Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

This person had a nicotine addiction and wanted desperately to stop smoking: when asked, “Have you ever asked Jesus to sit with you when you smoke?”  No, – I usually tell Him to “go away.” . because I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing. . . .  and the light went on… they usually goes […]

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