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INDIA December 2016 with Tell Asia and HIM

by Lis Schmidt

Our team was 15 people from all over the US and Canada.  I knew 3 of these prior to the trip all the others were first time acquaintances. We had a blast ministering to 1500 pastors, at 2 different times I spoke to a group, one of 150 women and another group of 70 pastors. […]

Brazil Mission Donations

by Lis Schmidt

I am wanting to take some essential oils to the Shores of Grace Ministry in Brazil when we go in November. They are asking for us to bring these specific oils to help them with things like lice, bugs, and health of those they minister to. Lavender $23.50 TeaTree Oil $26.00 Peppermint $21.50 Thieves $33.75 […]

Upcoming November 2016 – BRAZIL(Shores of Grace)

by Lis Schmidt

We are so excited to be going to Shores of Grace In November. We will be providing ministry to the leaders and volunteers of this ministry.  So glad to be asked to be a part with Laurie Westfall and her team.  If you are interested in what this ministry is about check out this article from […]

Kenya Missions Musings

by Lis Schmidt

The people of Kenya are a gracious, compassionate people with very big hearts for God.  They are passionate about Him and want their nation to know Him.  I have learned that God is not Ameican and his primary language is not English but Love.  Each nation I go to I see a different facet of […]

Kenya Missions Outreach

by Lis Schmidt

Lis is on assignment to Kenya this month to support HIM missions to national pastors in Kenya.  We learn about God and than share that with others.  So excited to learn more.  Ready to give away what the Lord has given me.  Want to help but can’t go?  Check out our DONATE button. click here […]