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Sozo & Art Testimony “Hearing God”

by Lis Schmidt

“I was surprised at the encounter with God I had through the prophetic art event. I thought it would be hard and that I wouldn’t have any inspiration. It was just the opposite. There is no pressure to be creative. Holy spirit just breathed images and truth into my mind. In the end I felt […]

Interview with one of our prophetic artists

by Lis Schmidt

Please watch our interview with Mary our prophetic artist    How would you like to experience more in your artwork, come join us at our next Worship & Art event.  Check out our Facebook page for monthly event dates and time.

Worship & Art “Angelic Encounter”

by Lis Schmidt

This artist was listening to a teaching about “FIRE ANGELS” and when they come away from the throne their heads are are hidden in the clouds, and the colors continue to flow, they hide in the majesty of the Lord. Lightening and fire are all around the throne.  By Jana Harris

Worship & Art Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

A mother who came to one of our events went home and decided to ask her children to express and emotion and ask God what it looked like.  Here are the results, they painted JOY! What a great way to talk with our children about their emotions and God’s emotions and how he feels about […]

Worship & Art -a new event

by Lis Schmidt

Worship&Art Sessions Once a month we have a time to learn about prophetic art as another way to connect with God. Come see how God talks to ys through art, His creativity never stops.  Check out our Facebook page for dates and times.