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Individual sessions usually take 1 1/2 hour – 2 hours. We use a team approach, there will be two prayer ministers at your appointment; the facilitator and a prayer partner. If this is your first session we ask you to consider scheduling for a time when you do not have an appointment immediately following your prayer time. Our desire is to facilitate your relationship with the Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and to assure that connection is healthy. Suggested donation for this ministry is $100.

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Financial Coaching applies the powerful Sozo tools to the issues of money. Walk through the four steps of a financial Sozo: discovery, inquiry, displacement, and activation. Along with Financial Coaching for better money management and or life skills.  We are members of the Stephen K DeSilva Financial Ministers

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Sozo adapts the adult sozo tools into simple vocabulary and imagery in order to easily minister to children. (5-17) A Parent/guardian signature is needed, and must accompany their child to a session.

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Specialized sessions for small group setting using Dr Margaret Nagib‘s book Soul Making. watch our Facebook page or newsletter for upcoming details.  Contact us if you want more info.

A group mentoring intensive for those wanting to learn how to facilitate a sozo session. Pre-Requisites: Been to a Basic Training or watched the Basic DVD’s, and had a personal sozo.

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  • 6/8/13
  • 11/09
  • 6/15/10
I have been raised up in the Christian “camp of Word and Faith”. I was saved in 1976. I have studied the Word extensively on divine healing. I know Christ died for my “sozo” salvation,(that is the Greek word used for salvation every time it is used in the new testament- it translates to salvation, deliverance and healing)– healing as well as my Guarantee of heaven. I taught others about the will of God for our healing and felt assured that was God’s truth. It’s been a calling in my life.

Over the past 7 years I have experienced a lot of painful medical issues. I have been discouraged by the fact that my body did not line up with what I know to be true in the Word concerning my healing. Without meaning to, I had stopped being as bold as I once was. When I spoke to others about healing I would tell them “don’t look at me, I am not perfect-look to the perfect one! I had been taught that saying the correct words would make me well. I felt like I was an embarrassment to God. I asked a lot of whys. That had brought me to a place of feeling “unimportant and forgotten”. That led me to be sad and frustrated. I wondered what I had missed that brought me to this complicated place, and had I done a disservice to others by missing something important? Thru healing prayer I became more aware that those feelings were planted a long time ago, leading to a belief of lies that I concluded were true as a child .A few of them being 1. That parents indifference and neglect was a reflection of who I was, also 2. That I was unworthy of their love and I was incompetent .3. Not worth including in their family, which left me feeling abandoned. The enemy cannot destroy us but we can decide to live in despair if the lies and pressure are intense. I did not have the training in God’s love or the correct reasoning to conclude otherwise. Learning biblical truth over the years did not seem to make the lies go away. Lie , like a thorn in the flesh festered..

One truth that was given to me by the Holy Spirit as I focused on Jesus in prayer was this:”Out of the heart the mouth speaks”- words alone are not a magic wand to clean up my mind and spirit. I believe the words we speak are very important, but they are only tools that break bondage if the heart believes what is spoken. Was I not believing?? Did I believe only in my mind and not my heart- What was wrong with my heart? (now I know it was still broken) I believe that heart change can be accomplished by reading the word-” In the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. Jesus is the Word.
So I read and re read these truths .Another scripture I believe is-”you will know the truth and the truth will MAKE you free, not just set you free. Since I needed to be free of old lies, not just see old lies or see what I “should” do, I began to see through prayer that I had been trying to make myself free- without knowing that’s what I was doing. I was reading the word and attending a bible study for heaven’s sake! Now God -do your part! But reading alone or speaking was not making much spiritual difference. I began to see this but was not sure how to reverse it. That is a very frustrating place to be and hopeless at times– Then while praying and asking Jesus to reveal truth to me he introduced a concept to me that put me on the road to transforming truth. He is truly the one doing the transforming- it is not my job-HE WILL BE FAITHFUL AND DO IT FOR ME!! My job is to agree when I see truth and ask for that to be planted in my heart, just to believe- to reverse the negative. In the natural, a teacher guides but always has the student perform the work, but Not with Jesus -He knows we must have transforming, and all this transforming is too much for us and our little half measures just are ban aids for our hopeless human condition- I began to meditate on this truth and look to him to lead me into freedom, not do it myself, He wants relationship with me, His child and how can that happen without an intimate experience, not just reading “about Him”?,and saying just what I though He wanted to hear- I let go of formulas and began to trust Him more as I experienced Him in more real ways ,As I asked for more truth, I would finally be still, and then hear Him communicate with me what the truth IS, as I moved out of the way of trying to transform myself. I still have miles to go in my willingness to trust God’s love, however I am growing in the most important ways, not just as a student but as a child of God, one to whom it has been spoken, “Fear not little flock, it is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom” and “Be still and know that I am God”, and God’s perfect love cast out fear” Transforming prayer gave me an experience with the Holy Spirit of truth that makes His love more tangible to me, and that has resulted in greater levels of freedom in my life.
I am very grateful to the Lord for this ministry.

When I first sought ministry in Nov of 2009, I would have described myself as a very angry person. I was angry and frustrated most of the time. Through a recent conversation with a friend I suddenly realized I am not an angry person anymore. I do get angry about things but they are isolated events instead of a state of being. Praise God for the freedom and joy he is releasing in my life through TPM! I have recommended this ministry to my friends.
The day I made the appointment, I started to feel intense pressure from the devil. I knew that freedom would come. I have had counseling and ministry at other times in my life, but this was truly amazing. When the Holy Spirit would bring up a thought and I would express it, I would stop and look over my shoulder to see what had dropped off. It felt like sandbags that one would drop off a hot air balloon. When I was asked what was going on, I told them what it felt like and we all laughed. It happened again and again. I realized that I was being set free and it was the first time ever feeling the loss of all my heavy loads that I had carried. I appreciated the leaders keeping everything on track. I believe that’s why so much was revealed in such a short time. There was peace during the session and I felt safe in sharing my issues. It was very professional and they were compassionate. I am actually looking forward to follow up for whatever it takes to get totally free.