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Forgiveness is Freedom

by Lis Schmidt

The amazing peace I have in my heart has changed my life. I was able to forgive my mom, which I have been trying to do for 40 years. I had gone through 4 years of therapy of many types and was never able to forgive, or to trust, or to love anyone like I […]

Sozo is spreading in Kansas

by Lis Schmidt

I had the opportunity to help reawaken, revive, restart the Sozo team at this church last week and found this amazing testimony from their team.  Wanted to share it with you, sozo works ! We have another Basic Sozo Training coming up in June, 2018.

Brazil Mission Donations

by Lis Schmidt

I am wanting to take some essential oils to the Shores of Grace Ministry in Brazil when we go in November. They are asking for us to bring these specific oils to help them with things like lice, bugs, and health of those they minister to. Lavender $23.50 TeaTree Oil $26.00 Peppermint $21.50 Thieves $33.75 […]

October Testimony

by Lis Schmidt

My sozo experience was transforming, healing, and full of love.  I felt an immediate connection with God, the facilitators were very inviting, professional and calm.I found them kind and understanding in their interactions with me.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend a session to my family and friends.

September Testimonies

by Lis Schmidt

I recently received this communication from someone who had a sozo a good while ago:  Just when you don’t think God is listening or does anything in your life I’ve been able to look back at my life and my testimony, and as I was reflecting I had this amazing revelation that God was there […]

Upcoming November 2016 – BRAZIL(Shores of Grace)

by Lis Schmidt

We are so excited to be going to Shores of Grace In November. We will be providing ministry to the leaders and volunteers of this ministry.  So glad to be asked to be a part with Laurie Westfall and her team.  If you are interested in what this ministry is about check out this article from […]

July Sozo Mentoring Classes

The Small Group Intensive is designed for those who want to learn the Sozo tools by regular use, while at the same time gaining more freedom. A confidential safe learning environment allows questions to be answered as we go. This group experience benefits from all participants being present for each of the 8 weekly classes. […]

Children’s Sozo Training

This is a 1 day Training to teach any and all people who work with children how to use the Bethel Sozo tools. You do not have to be familiar with Sozo to come to this event. This is an advanced tool for those who know Sozo and a beginning tool for those who work […]